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by Wolfa on the 30th September 2010

Minecraft is a block building (think Lego) game combined with resource and mining management in first person.

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Game Crush

by Question Mark on the 31st March 2010

Game Crush - bringing the oldest profession into the online social gaming realm.

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Have you been a victim of the 2 AM Worm?

by Mattias on the 12th March 2010

New security threat only targets drunk users.

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Alien Assault

by Wolfa on the 21st February 2010

Alien Assault is a free turn-based strategy game from indie game developer TearDown.

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Glitch is looking for Alpha testers

by Mattias on the 9th February 2010

Glitch, a new browser-based casual MMO from Tiny Speck, is now looking for Alpha testers.

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Madden curse decides Superbowl, Colts win

by Mattias on the 5th February 2010

A simulated Superbowl game in Madden NFL predicts Saints as the winner but fails to factor in the Madden curse.

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11 tips on how to protect yourself while gaming

by Mattias on the 3rd February 2010

Getting fragged from behind sucks, getting malware on your machine is worse.

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Games with HTML5, Canvas and JS

by Mattias on the 19th January 2010

Browser games doesn't necessarily mean Flash anymore. Get lined up for HTML5 and the canvas!

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Update for Ad-Aware Game Edition released

by Mattias on the 10th December 2009

A new update (8.1.3) for Ad-Aware Game Edition is now available.

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Continuity - Great Flash Puzzler

by Mattias on the 5th December 2009

The simple, yet elegant new Flash puzzler Continuity has captivated us.

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The Electronic Playground

by Wolfa on the 4th December 2009

Ever felt a strong connection to movie characters playing games?

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TrackMania Nations Forever

by Wolfa on the 30th November 2009

TrackMania Nations Forever (TMNF) is a neat, free, racing game.

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Dreamhack, the world's largest LAN party

by Kalle on the 27th November 2009

Dreamhack, the world's largest LAN party, opened it's doors for around 10,000 attendees yesterday in Jönköping, Sweden.

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Ad-Aware Game Edition on YouTube

by Mattias on the 18th November 2009

Wanna know more about the features of Ad-Aware Game Edition? Then watch this YouTube video!

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Final Fantasy XIV = token security

by Mattias on the 16th November 2009

The next big Japanese MMORPG will continue to rely on physical security devices, for better and worse.

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Cave Story

by Wolfa on the 14th November 2009

Dōkutsu Monogatari, as it is known in Japan, is one rare gem and probably one of the best games I have ever played.

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Best Gaming Podcasts - EpicBattleAxe

by Question Mark on the 10th November 2009

After reading Mattias' blog on Idle Thumbs I decided to weigh in on this podcast battle with my choice fo...

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Sunday Service is back!

by Mattias on the 9th November 2009

Our favorite game music request radio show is back!

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Taterf worm still plaguing MMORPGs

by Mattias on the 5th November 2009

The worm Taterf is still going strong, infecting over 4.9 million gamers in six months

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Best Gaming Podcasts - Idle Thumbs

by Mattias on the 5th November 2009

Idle Thumbs is (soon was) one of the funniest and best podcasts out there. Period.

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Peggle Review

by Wolfa on the 11th November 2010

Peggle is an action puzzler with a colorful mix of Break Out and Puzzle Bubble.

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ShieldPowerUp.com - Why, What, How?

by Mattias on the 3rd November 2009

ShieldPowerUp.com - the Clank to Ad-Aware Game Edition's Ratchet - just went live!

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