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Glitch is looking for Alpha testers

by Mattias on the 9th February 2010

Glitch, a new browser-based casual MMO from Tiny Speck, is now looking for Alpha testers.

Glitch looks fairly promising even in its pre-alpha, teaser trailer state. The main reason why it is creating a buzz is that Tiny Speck, the developing studio behind the game, was founded by the co-founder of Flickr, Stewart Butterfield.

Public sign up for the alpha testing round is now available through the official site for Glitch, by using Facebook Connect or simply leaving your e-mail.

According to a TechCrunch interview with Butterfield, the alpha testing round will use a fairly interesting new methodology Tiny Speck calls "strobe testing" - testing with smaller demographically selected groups in 24-hour bursts with world resets in betweeen. Tiny Speck will closely watch the results and draw conclusions on how different demographics reacts to certain features.

Using Flash as the game engine is a very predictable move"Using Flash as the game engine is a very predictable move", since most browser-based games depend on Flash to do animation and interaction.

However, with Apple stubbornly refusing to include Flash support for their newly unveiled iPad, a potentially big new gaming platform that might be big with the casual game audience, the choice is looking a little more iffy.

We'll just have to see who budges first, Apple or Tiny Speck.

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