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Sunday Service is back!

by Mattias on the 9th November 2009

Our favorite game music request radio show is back!

If you like good music - and with good music we of course mean C64 SID tunes and game soundtracks - you probably already know of SLAY Radio (http://www.slayradio.org) - one of the premiere sites of game music on the interwebz.

The station features both a constant stream of game music as well as multiple hosted shows (including BBB hosted by Boz, a Lavasoft employee and star of Internet phenomenon Mastering Swedish).

My personal favorite show is Sunday Service, which features a highly skilled musician (Reyn Ouwehand) that takes requests for game tunes and then plays them live in the style requested by the listeners. With clever use of looping and a room (in a church!) full of instruments, the result is simply magic.

New episodes of the show comes out very sporadically, with the first show since June being aired yesterday. Check it out!


Posted by paul2 on 9th November 2009

Kewl! I am totally blown away how Reyn can simply listen to a SID for a few seconds and then improvise something awesome. The guy is a musical genius and I guess Boz has his moments too :)


Posted by Mattias on 10th November 2009

Yeah, Reyn is just phenomenal. Blows my mind in every episode. Boz's main attribute is really his manly, soothing voice. He truly is the Barry White of SLAY Radio... :)


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